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Jason (Part 3)
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Can Run
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Part 3 Jason is one of the variations of Jason Voorhees featured in Friday the 13th: The Game, and the first appearance of Jason in the film series with the iconic hockey mask. This Jason is modeled after his appearance in Friday the 13th Part III (1982), and is one of two Jasons that the player is able to start out with.

History (Friday the 13th Part III)[edit | edit source]

Previously in Part 2, the film had ended where following an unmasked wounded Jason attacking the last two counselors Ginny and Paul, the next morning Ginny is loaded into an ambulance asking about Paul's whereabouts while the last scene shows Jason missing from his shack while his mother's head remains on the altar. However, this turns to a confusing aspect when Part 3 instead opens up with Jason pulling out the machete from his shoulder as he crawls away from his shack; despite the filmmakers of Part 2 confirming that the sequence was real, this has since lead to puzzling questions whenever or not Part 2's ending was but a dream or it was in fact set in reality.

The next day in the summer of 1984, Jason breaches a nearby lakeside store in need of new clothing, owned by Harold and his wife Edna. As he takes a new shirt and pants, he murders them by slamming a meat cleaver into Harold's chest, and stabs a sewing needle through the back of Edna's mouth. He then takes off elsewhere, where he finds the then un-visited lakefront property called Higgins Haven located in the Crystal Lake area. There, he refuges inside the property's barn to nurse his wound. However, the owner Chris Higgins has returned to the property to spend the weekend unaware of Jason's presence in the barn. Along with her boyfriend Rick, she is accompanied with her friends Vera, Debbie who is pregnant with with her boyfriend Andy, prankster Shelly, and two stoners named Chuck and Chili.

When Shelly and Vera use Rick's car to buy food and supplies at the nearby convince store, they get into trouble with a trio biker group lead by Fox, Loco, and Ali. Outside, Shelly accidentally drives the car backwards into their motorcycles which Ali smashes the car's windows, and they quickly escape. Unknown to them, the bikers follow them to Higgins Haven, as they begin to steal their gas. When a curious Fox enters the barn, Jason pins her body with a pitchfork off-screen. As Loco enters only for him to get impaled as well, Ali enters the barn to his discovery of their bodies, and as he tries to fight on Jason himself the latter renders him unconscious with a wrench. Right after this, he watches Andy and Debbie through the window as they head back inside.

Later that night, everyone else stays back at the cabin to party, while Rick and Chris drive elsewhere in the woods. When she explains to Rick that the reason she came back was to confront her fears, she flashbacks and describes her past incident; two years ago when she had returned home late from her date with Rick, her parents continued to argue with her to the point where an upset Chris runs off into the woods, but out there she then has an encounter with a deformed man attacking her with a knife before she fell unconscious and only she remembered lastly was someone had found her and brought her back to her bed inside her home. As he begins to turn upset by describing the incident, Rick consoles her.

Back outside, Chuck enters an outhouse where he smokes a joint, and a wandering Jason harasses him by shaking the outhouse back and forth; thinking Shelly did this, Chuck and Chili enter the barn to look around but Jason watches them as they leave. Shelly, donned with a hockey mask he brought, pulls a prank on Vera with a spear gun which frustrates her to tell him to go elsewhere, but when he enters inside the barn Jason slits his throat off-screen and takes his hockey mask. Vera drops Shelly's wallet into the water and fetches for it, where a now masked Jason walks along the docks and shoots the spear gun into her left eye, killing her. Taking a machete, he enters inside and horizontally splits apart a head-standing Andy before he stashes his body above the cabin's overhead. As Debbie exits out of the shower and reads in her hammock, she sees blood dripping off of Andy's body placed above her, where Jason stabs a butcher knife through her chest from underneath the hammock. When Jason goes outside and tampers with the fuse box, this prompts Chuck to investigate where he throws him into the fuse box, electrifying him to death. Lastly, Chili sees a still-alive Shelly with his throat slit where she initially dismisses him doing another prank, but when she finds him dead and discovers the others' bodies she is grabbed by Jason and impales her with a hot fireplace poker. With everyone now dead, he hides the bodies, including Loco's body stashed in a tree and Debbie's body placed inside a closet.

Chris and Rick walk back to the cabin after his car dies out, and discovers the place in dismay. When Rick walks outside to search the grounds while Chris stays inside to investigate, Jason grabs him from behind and crushes his head where one of his eyeballs pop out. When Chris finds the bathtub leaking with blood-stained clothes and looks for Rick outside, Loco's body falls out of the tree and she screams. She runs back into the cabin and locks the doors and windows, but Jason throws Rick's body through the window, prompting her to run out of the room and Jason enters. Upstairs, Chris tilts a bookshelf down for the books inside to fall down onto Jason's head. When she hides inside a closet, she screams at finding Debbie's body in which Jason hears for him to hack down the door with a felling axe. Just as Jason reaches inside, she stabs him in the hand where he backs up, and as she continuous swings at him she stabs the knife down into his knee; he pulls it out slowly and tries to throw it at her, which he misses. She begins to climb out of a window where Jason grabs her by her coat, but she frees herself when her coat is ripped from Jason's gasp and she falls down outside. Starting up the van, she drives off only for the car to run out of gas at the bridge, but just as she switches the gas to backup the bridge breaks underneath one of the van's wheels. With a limping Jason still pursuing her, she flees and hides inside the barn while he enters in search of her. Placing a barricade in front of the barn doors to prevent any chance of her escaping, he climbs to the barn's upper loft, where Chris strikes him over the head with a shovel and as she ties a rope around the recovering Jason's neck, she pushes his body out to hang him. Believing Jason is now dead, she removes the barricade he placed and stares at his hanged body, only for him to startle her when he grabs at the rope. He unmasks himself temporarily to free his neck from the noose, where she recognizes him as the same man that attacked her years ago. Suddenly, a revived Ali attempts to fight off Jason, but the latter chops off his arm before he hacks away at his body with a machete. As he remains distracted, Chris takes a felling axe and strikes it into his head, where he staggers momentarily towards her before he finally collapses to the ground.

The next morning, Chris dreams of a bloodied unmasked Jason watching her from the windows, and runs outside to get her. But, just as he disappears, a decomposing Pamela Voorhees - now with her head reattached - grabs her out of the cane and drags her down into the water. As the police arrive to bring a now hysterical Chris into their car, the last scene shows Jason's body still lying down with the axe lodged into his head as the lake of Higgins' Haven remains at peace.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

This Jason is one of the most beginner-friendly (and most competitively viable) Jasons in the game and as such, this Jason will help new players learn the basics of playing Jason, or help a seasoned veteran secure kills against a tough team. Playing this Jason is recommended both for newcomers and serious players, as this Jason is quite simple to use while having great strengths with few weaknesses. First, his Weapon Strength increase will help him injure counselors quickly and allows Jason to control a large group of counselors. He is one of the best Jason's to pick to be able to combat a large group of counselors, the others being Jason (Part 4), Jason (Part 7), and Savini Jason.

Using Jason's grab in a large group situation is not recommended, not just because of his Stun Resistance weakness, but because every Jason can be hit out of a grab for free damage, Stun Resistance or no. Grabbing generally should not be used as often when dealing with two or more counselors. Jason, if he does grab someone, can use his normally near-useless Grip Strength to trigger an environmental kill on someone. Additionally, when Rage mode is activated, his grip strength increases even further, giving him even more time to pursue a unique kill on someone.

Finally, this Jason is able to run, providing him with slightly more mobility. Because Jason has unlimited stamina, new players should use this to get around and catch up to counselors. In combination with his Weapon Strength, this Jason can easily slash a counselor to death or wound them terribly, and allows the player to go in for a grab kill (grabbing while someone is injured is not advised however, as the person could have a pocket knife and then heal while you are stunned--it is better to go for a slash kill unless you just want to see a grab kill animation). All counselors will be able to outrun this Jason if they utilize their Sprint, but a select few (Vanessa Jones, Chad Kensington, and Thomas "Tommy" Jarvis) can actually out-jog him. Regardless, it is useful for getting to locations quickly and burning counselors' stamina more quickly.

Most of this Jason's strengths comes from his lack of significant weaknesses. He has no weakness in mobility, and is the only other Jason that can run and is not affected by a Shift weakness, the other being Part 5 Jason. He also has no weakness in traps, so he can keep a fairly decent control on objectives. He also spawns with two throwing knives, four if you pick the two from the shack, and for the most part he can do everything. Despite this, there are still some small weaknesses worth noting.

Firstly, this Jason will not be able to sense counselors as far and his Sense has an increased cooldown. Therefore, counselors at a distance may be hidden in his Sense mode. This Jason also possesses a weakness in Stalk, the only Jason to do so. In this case, Jason will not be able to use this ability as long as others and has increased cooldown for this ability. New players should also note that the faster Jason moves, the faster Stalk drains. In combination with the Stalk weakness, Jason should avoid moving as much as possible while using this ability if he wants it to last a while.

His aforementioned Stun Resistance is also decreased, therefore he has a somewhat higher chance to be stunned and also remains stunned for a little while longer. In a large-group situation, this can add a slight challenge as you can be stunned a little more easily and for a slightly longer time, so it is recommended to try to enter combat stance and block when a counselor swings a weapon at you, exit combat stance, and then attack or even grab. If Jason gets reckless, he can easily be hit by the counselors' weapons and stunned, so be mindful when in a large group situation. One tactic in this scenario is to avoid grabbing the counselors when attacking large groups and instead use the basic melee attack so as to avoid the counselor's buddies smacking you while you are trying to execute a grab kill. On the other hand, keep in mind that the quick-choke kill that is unlocked at the start of the game can sometimes be so fast that the other counselors cannot react in time.

In general, this Jason is a beginner-friendly character with much to work with, but can still be vulnerable (like all Jason's) if he gets reckless.

Characteristics, Appearance, and Weapons[edit | edit source]

In comparison to Part 2, this Jason has now inconsistently changed dramatically; this was mostly due to director Steve Miner, after Steve Daskawisz wasn't able to return for the role, wanting a "bigger and stronger-looking" Jason that was "more athletic and powerful" than what he was previously seen as, as well as having a new make-up artist named Douglas J. White on board for the film. Having said that, this was the start of the film series beginning to have continuity flaws especially regarding Jason's appearance and sometimes his characteristics as well. Not only does he now possess high amounts of strength, but he appears to be more muscular and taller as well. In this case, this was mainly shown when Jason gets hanged during which his beefy neck may have supposedly prevented the noose from breaking his neck (not to mention, you can see through the barn doors cracks he is moving and trying to free himself), and considerably when Chris makes a heavy blow with the axe into Jason's head after which he still continued to move following her before he fell down to the ground. Despite this, he can still receive pain and take damage, such as in the case when Chris stabs the butcher knife into his knee cap which crippled Jason, preventing him from sprinting as quickly after his victim even after he pulls it out. Another rather interestingly notable aspect with Jason this time was when Chris remained as the final girl, he had presented a sinister albeit obsessive type of behavior as a result from her encountering him years ago; this distinctly shows when Jason not only at first toys around with her thinking he is "dead", but after he unmasks to free himself he givers her a sadistically menacing smirk with his face before he puts the mask back on and takes a nearby machete in his hands. Considerably as well, Jason had acted as quite the stalker even when he was stationed inside the barn and when he exits out of the barn before he begins to murder his victims. In spite of the continuity inconsistencies, this Jason has since remained one of the more iconic and memorable portrayals of Jason in the series, and became the reference for his future portrayals in later sequels staring with Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and beyond.

As seen in the film and in-game, Jason's now famous appearance showcases him wearing Shelly's hockey mask now taken in Jason's hands to conceal his identity; a worn Jacques Plante-designed Detroit Red Wings goaltender mask with a triangular red chevron above the eyes and two long chevrons on the cheeks pointing towards the noise. Since he had taken new clothing, he now wears a dark-green Big Mac worker shirt with two chest pockets on-top a white undershirt, a belted pair of grey cargo work pants, and his black work boots.

When unmasked, Jason's facial appearance has incredibly changed than what was seen before in comparison to Part 2. As the long hair and beard are no longer present, he likewise appears relatively closer to his original design in the first film. Nevertheless, there are some differences to separate the design such as his head is not as big as before, his left eye appearing a bit more downward yet straightened rather than tilted, and now he has one blue eye being the normal one and his deformed eye being green (something that wasn't present in in the first nor second films). It is also noted that his left side is no longer tumorous as well, and his teeth are less yellowed.

In the movie, Jason used a meat cleaver, a sewing needle, a pitchfork, a wrench, a harpoon gun, a machete, a butcher knife, his bare hands, a fireplace poker, and lastly a felling axe. For preference, it appears that Jason favored the machete and the felling axe, as well as his own hands. In-game and most portrayals of Part 3 Jason, his selected weapon is the felling axe; sometimes outside of the game, he is seen portrayed with the machete and spear gun as well.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

The stats for Part 3 Jason.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Can Run - This Jason is capable of running, which acts more as jogging. Only this Jason, Part 2 Jason, Part 4 Jason, and Part 5 Jason have the ability to run.
  • Weapon Strength - This Jason can deal more damage with his weapon.
  • Grip Strength - Counselors will have a harder time breaking out of this Jason's grasp.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Stun Resistance - This Jason has a higher chance of getting stunned, and will get stunned for a longer duration.
  • Sense - The cooldown for this ability is longer, and won't last as long once activated.
  • Stalk - The cooldown for this ability is longer, and won't last as long once activated.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In-game[edit | edit source]

  • This Jason was originally given an alternate skin, that being Retro Jason based off his appearance in the 1989 NES video game of the same name from LJN. The skin however was temporarily removed from the game in preparation for giving him his own slot and stats.
  • This was one of the three Jasons playable in the beta, the others being Part 2 Jason and Part 7 Jason.
  • This is the only Jason in-game that has Stalk as weaknesses.
  • Originally, Part 3 Jason had Water Speed as a weakness; this has now changed with him having Stalk as a weakness.

In the films[edit | edit source]

  • In the film, he was played by Richard Brooker, who had passed away from a heart attack on April 8th, 2013.
    • Just before his death, he had his interview about his portrayal of Jason in the documentary Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th.
  • Originally, the finale dream sequence was supposed to be that Chris awakens the next morning only for an unmasked Jason to decapitate her with a machete, in style to that of Mrs. Voorhees' decapitation exaggerated to where her hands clutch in the air before she falls down. However, the filmmakers of Part 3 had found this deeming "too depressing, even for a dream sequence" and it was re-shot. Though the footage for this ending has been lost, there have been still images of it found on the internet.
    • Legendary make-up artist Stan Winston previous had came in to design Jason's facial appearance for the scrapped dream sequence, but his approach was different than the facial appearance he would later have in the present film; as the droopy left eye is no longer present, he also appears to be more of a monster-like figure instead of a deformed figure. Along with the dream sequence, there have been stills of this found on the internet, but the design was ultimately scrapped as Jason was later redesigned in the film.
  • It was originally set for Part III to be the last film and it would conclude in a trilogy, despite no moniker to indicate this. As with every sequel, the box office success of Part III generated another sequel, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, released in 1984 and now marketed with a moniker for it as the last of the Friday the 13th series, as well as the film where Jason Voorhees will be planned to be killed off ultimately. Surprisingly but obviously enough, The Final Chapter still prompted for the filmmakers to make more sequels starting with A New Beginning and beyond.
  • In discussion of the continuity errors present in the film, Part 3 takes place a day later after Part 2, following Jason's critical wound to the shoulder. Yet, not only does he appear more beefier and functionally more brute-like, it appears as if the machete wound had not affected him at all.
    • To add up with the inaccuracy from his previous appearance, Chris revealed in her flashback to her encounter with Jason in 1982, but as seen in the flashback he looks like his Part 3 appearance and not like his appearance in Part 2.
    • In reality, it would've been extremely unlikely considering his condition for him to be able to do such things as picking up bodies to throw them at windows, or in a way still being able to brutally kill his victims, considering the extent of his injuries in Part 2.

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